We’re here to help

Patrice O’Neill, Executive/Artistic Director


One of the four founders of Wintergrass, Patrice can probably answer your questions about anything festival related. If you can catch her.

Maria Camillo, Assistant Artistic Director


Maria will answer your questions about getting booked for Wintergrass. She’s stepped into this role after many years of being the primary photographer for the festival. She is also a source of knowledge about curly hair care products. And she makes a mean lasagne. 

Note: We are fully booked for 2024

Stephen Ruffo, Director of Operations


Stephen takes care of all technical and production needs and he has a great smile. He’s got a growing collection of fine guitars and can identify pretty much any car by just looking at the fender. 

Wendy Tyner, Director of Philanthropy


Wendy raises money via grants and individual donations. She never asks for something without giving something in return. She’s a gift giver. Also has a great smile. 

Beth Fortune, Director of Education


Beth oversees the vast array of Wintergrass music education programs. She’s a conductor, teacher, motivator and has an awesome arm tattoo. 

Janet Brightly, Sponsor Manager


Janet takes care of all Wintergrass sponsors. She is all about fun. Of course we can’t say “For a good time, call Janet.”  That’s taken. Let’s just say, you’ll be glad you contacted her. 

Bruce Adolph, Exhibit Manager


If you’d like to show your wares at Wintergrass, Bruce is the guy. He has vast experience producing a number of guitar shows and events at the annual NAMM show, among many other skills. 

Amy Hakanson, Volunteer Manager


Want to volunteer?  Need help with figuring out what, when and where to do so?  Amy’s your girl. You’ve seen her sporting a Nyckelharpa at Wintergrass many times

Mary Pat Byrne, Acoustic Sound Board President


Mary Pat brings a decades long career of arts management and instigation to Wintergrass. She also brings her mandolin. She’s tried to figured out how to bring her piano but it won’t fit in the elevator.

General Inquiries

PO Box 2024
Milton, WA 98354

(253) 428-8056

PO BOX 2024, MILTON, WA 98354

(253) 428-8056

Wintergrass is a production of Acoustic Sound, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. EIN: 91-2103544
all photos copyright Maria Camillo