mike marshall & choro famoso

mike marshall & choro famoso

What is Choro Music?

Choro is a style of Brazilian music that dates back to the 1870s, when European dance forms combined with the African rhythms of Brazil. Like much of the music of the Americas, this coming together of rich harmonic and melodic forms from Europe and the intoxicating rhythms of Africa are what created this new style and also gave birth to so many of the other Brazilian musical forms – like Samba and Bossa Nova.

Intricate melodies and virtuosic improvisations are the cornerstones of this style where mandolin, clarinet, 7-string guitar and percussion are the typical ensemble.

After a trip to Brazil in 1995, Mike fell in love with Brazilian Choro music. He returned with a suitcase full of sheet music and CDs, and immediately went to work to form this group of like-minded choro-heads.



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