julian smedley & alison odell

julian smedley &

alison odell

Alison Odell and Julian Smedley have been making music together since they met in the 80’s. The artistic and romantic chemistry of this husband and wife duo infuses their performances with a special charm as they interpret standards from the Swing Era, and the American Songbook and offer intriguing arrangements of contemporary songs. The duo features Alison on vocals and rhythm guitar and Julian on violin, guitar, and vocals. 

Alison learned much of her repertoire as a child, singing along with her mother’s recordings of vocal greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee. In time she learned to accompany herself on rhythm guitar so she could sing and play her old favorites. Over the years she’s become a technically accomplished guitarist with a distinct vocal style. “Her fluid vocal delivery and unaffected respect for lyrics and melodies take the listener to the heart of the song”

A life-long musician and producer, Julian rounds out the duo with exquisite violin or guitar accompaniment and tasty solos. Listening to their performances, one might hear 3-part harmonies, vocal-doubled bass lines or Mills Brothers-influenced vocal horn sections. About their distinctive arrangements he notes, “We like to think we’re using all musical options open to us while delivering interpretations that appear effortless”. 





Friday and Saturday

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