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Youth Academy Club with Mr. Joe

What is the Youth Academy Club with Mr. Joe?

The Wintergrass Youth Academy goes online! Every quarter, starting October 24th your favorite Youth Academy teachers create musical fun and learning in a bundle that includes both pre-recorded and live components. You’ll watch a 25 minute video and learn a song, dance and how to play a tune along with a bit of musical history. Following the video you’ll gather with your friends and teachers in a Zoom clubhouse where you’ll learn a bit more and engage in some lively activities. You’ll be able to watch the video as many times as you like after the party so you’ll have lots of chances to get really good at all the things being taught.

The October 24th video features Joe Craven (learn a song!), Squirrel Butter (learn a dance!) and Erin Esses (learn a tune!) along with Professor Tom (learn where that came from!). Tashi and Kaj Litch join in the fun in the Zoom call along with Auntmama who will help you learn to tell your own made-up story and your pals Mr. Joe, Squirrel Butter, Erin and Beth Fortune. The video starts at 12:45 and the Zoom clubhouse starts at 1:30.

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The Youth Academy Club with Mr. Joe will meet again on February 27th, April 24th and June 5th.

Printed materials

Cornbread Boogie Lyrics and Chords

What Are We Asking of You?

Pretty much everything we are doing these days is free. However we’re asking for donations for everything. Here’s a donate link for the upcoming Youth Academy Club:

Youth Academy Club Donations

Youth Orchestra!

This one is down the road a bit. We should have materials in January for a performance in either April or May. This is just a heads up item at the moment.